Roster of Webwrights

The Lochac Webwright cannot manage all websites in the Kingdom alone! A small army of volunteers assist it getting information out to the world. These volunteers are often in the background, and might be hard to find at times. To improve this situation, below you will find contact details for the Webwrights for the sites hosted by the Kingdom of Lochac. If you are webwright for a group in Lochac, and your name is not here please complete the Webwright Details form.

Click on the Group/Event/Office name to go to the website. Click on the Webwright name to email them directly.

Lochac Webwrights

  Office Office Holder Since
Kingdom Webwright Canon Lore link Nobilis Gummi Vkoinen (they/them) November 2020
Adora Webwright Canon Lore link Lady Gwenhwyfar ferch Elena (she/her) March 2017
Blessed Herman the Cripple Webwright Dominik Stankiewicz July 2021
Burnfield Webwright Canon Lore link Godwin Black of White Castle January 2019
Cluain Webwright Canon Lore link Lady Melissa Wijffels (she/her) March 2019
Dragons Bay Chronicler Canon Lore link Nobilis Gummi Vkoinen (they/them) December 2021
Innilgard Webwright Canon Lore link Lady Zofia Varsoviensis (she/her) May 2021
Mordenvale Webwright Canon Lore link Lord Bjorn Sæmundarson (he/him) June 2019
Politarchopolis Webwright Mistress Joie Tigre d'Argentona (she/her) January 2022
Rowany Webwright Canon Lore link Armiger Raegan (they/them) March 2022
Southron Gaard Webwright Canon Lore link Lord Thorbjorn Bjarnylr (he/him) April 2022
St Basil the Great Web Minister Canon Lore link Alde of Maghas (they/them) June 2021
St Florian de la Riviere Webwright Canon Lore link Sir Tomas Askelson (he/him) October 2021
Stegby Webwright Madog Llwyd ap Madog August 2021
Stormhold Webwright Canon Lore link ffride wlffsdotter (she/her) October 2020
Strathcorbie Webwright Canon Lore link Lady Helga Gunnarsdottir (she/her) October 2021
Ynys Fawr Webwright Baron Gershom of Ravensdale (he/him) August 2021