Replacing an uploaded resource

How to replace an uploaded resource which has a special permanent “page link”

In WordPress, go to the bottom of a page and click Edit to see the WordPress menu, then the Media link at left, then use Add New to upload the new item.

Once it is uploaded, attach it in the Uploaded column at right to the appropriate section, e.g. Officer Handbooks (this step is optional, just nice and tidy)

However over the uploaded item’s name and click Edit. Then use Copy URL button (normally at right) to get its exact date-specific location from the File URL edit box. This will be something like:

At left, go to the Pages|All Pages menu item and search (top right) for the “page link” page which embeds the item – in this case “New Seneschal Handbook” page

In the search results, hover over the page name which has the big paperclip “page link” symbol next to it, and select Edit

When the page appears, under the permalink edit box near the title is “Links to”, followed by an Edit button you should click. It jumps to the “A custom URL” box lower down the page, and you should paste in the location of the newly uploaded copy, replacing what was there before.

Then scroll back up, Update (top right) and go test the link on the page (or wherever there’s an existing link to the page link location) to make sure it loads the new content as expected.