Adding the automatic Regnum to your site

For anyone wanting to use the Lochac Regnum plugin, you need these things:

  1. To display a simple group or Kingdom Officer’s Regnum in a web page on your site, simply place this statement anywhere on the page – the Regnum plug-in will work out what to display based on your website´s domain:


See an example Regnum here.

2. To add mundane equivalents to the office name, per the example linked below, add mundane to the statement, thus:

[ regnum mundane]

(without the space after the first square bracket)

3. To add role descriptions per the Southron Gaard example, add roles to the statement, as in this example:

[ regnum mundane roles]
(without the space after the first square bracket)

4. If you need to generate a Regnum for a group or office not automatically determined by the current website URL, add group=nn, where nn is either a group number from the table below, or a partial (“sufficient to be unique”) group name or Kingdom Officer title – not case sensitive. If you need multiple words to make an adequate match, separate them by a hyphen, per the Kingdom Webwright example below.:

[ regnum group=38 roles mundane]
[ regnum group=st-florian mundane]
[ regnum group=kingdom-webwright]
(without the space after the first square bracket)

As you can see, the order of the extra settings is not important.

5. Finally, if you’re comfortable with stylesheets and know how to override styles in WordPress, by all means do so in order to create the look you want for your group site. Just view a Regnum page’s source to see which classes to override.

If you need further assistance, contact the Lochac Webwright or WordPress Admin who may be able to help you.

NB: A couple of classes that you might not see immediately are regnumator_expiredDate and regnumator_expiringDate, which are output instead of the regnumator_warrant class to allow for special colouring – the default stylesheet makes them red and orange respectively.

Group Number List

Group/Site Number
Adora 45
Aneala 4
Blessed Herman the Cripple 11
Bordescros 7
Burnfield 39
Cluain 42
Darton 37
Dismal Fogs 8
Dragons Bay 51
Ildhafn 36
Innilgard 10
Krae Glas 27
Lightwood 58
Lochac 1
Mordenvale 14
Okewaite 54
Politarchopolis 15
River Haven 17
Rowany 22
Southron Gaard 38
St Basil the Great 40
St Christina the Astonishing 66
St Florian de la Riviere 9
St Monica 28
St Ursula 23
Stegby 18
Stormhold 26
Stowe on the Wowld 24
Strathcorbie 65
Torlyon 31
Ynys Fawr 32