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Please complete and submit if you manage a website for any part of the Kingdom of Lochac. You will receive a copy of your form for your records.

Lochac Webwright.

Webwright Roster Details
Where in the Kingdom are you?
Please use a valid, non-work, non-education email address that you use for SCA business. Required as a backup contact method, even if there is also an officer email address (and even if it just points to this address).
If more than one, enter the most 'important' one here - there will be space at the end for all other sites.
Especially important if it's not your home (territorial) group
If the webwright role comes with an email address (whether real or alias), please supply it - otherwise your personal address (above) will go on the roster.
When did you start managing the above site (month/year)?
This is not published, but if you manage a WordPress site, or have a WordPress login, please let us know what it is.
What can I do to help you? (Feel free to leave blank, this is more about pressing concerns for people who are just stepping up.)